Finding Time to Start A Business


Among the 1st things we look at throughout my Amazing Business Creation Workshops (in reality, it's part of the pre-work!) is really making time to start planning your company - sort of 'preparing to obtain all set'!


As working mums we can typically feel like we have very little time to do any of the important things WE want to - therefore typically I hear women inform me they 'd like to start a company 'one day' however they simply don't have time today. Get online help for your business here .


Well, I have news for you - you will NEVER have the time to begin a business (or any of the other the things you wish to do) unless YOU take major action making it!


You see, your time is like a vacuum. As quickly as you release a few of it up, it naturally gets filled with something else - and if YOU do not determine exactly what that is yourself, I'm scared it just gets inhabited by 'things'. 'Stuff' that's about as helpful for getting you where you wish to remain in life as a chocolate fire guard.


Do you find yourself grumbling to your pals that you don't know where the time goes? Because you invested the entire time sorting laundry/washing up/picking up toys/sweeping the bits off the floor, only to have to do it all once more an hour after they get back?


What if you spent that 2 hours actually focusing on one specific goal that you've had for ages (like beginning a business!)? What if you left the other 'stuff' up until the kids had gone to sleep and you understood it was going to remain 'done' at least up until they stand up once again ?!

It's challenging right? It's very easy to obtain totally captured up in trying to be everything to everybody - aiming to be a supermum - but there truly does come a point where you have to make some choices about exactly what you really desire for you and your family IN THE LONG RUN.


Now, seeing as you're reading this, I'm assuming you've made the decision that you wish to take actions to discover a much better work/life balance, and to do that by starting a business. I'm likewise presuming that your no. 1 priority is your household.


That's definitely the case for the mums I've worked with up until now and it is for me.

Practically all the mums I talk with, with few exceptions, state that the main reasons they wish to begin a company are a) they want to (or need to) invest more time with their family or b) make more money to take pleasure in with their household or both.


So, accepting that family comes first, we have to discover a method to offer adequate priority to beginning a business in order to really make it a truth while also identifying the entire reason that you're doing it in the very first location.


You need to find a balance in between spending the time you wish to with your family AND committing enough time to following this course to producing a better life for you all.


Now, I'm not going to state it's simple - because I’d be lying.

If you're figured out to create a business you love that can provide for you and your family for years to come AND provide you the life balance you're looking for, discovering time to prepare it correctly is definitely vital.


The following pointers for finding the time you have to begin preparing a business around your family come directly from my Amazing Business Creation pre-work. We use worksheets to help us with most of them however you can do the work without. I hope you find them useful:


Discover the 'leaks' in your time.

Take a writing pad and jot down each thing that takes up your time throughout the day. I suggest EVERYTHING! Work jobs, kids jobs, the school run, shopping, meeting with pals, running errands for parents, strolling the canine, upgrading Facebook - whatever.

When you've done that, erase all the important things that, if pushed, could go altogether for the next 6 months. Now determine the locations where you might SAVE or MAKE time - limiting time on Facebook for instance or, much better, getting rid of it completely (unless it's for company purposes!); staying up 20 minutes later on a night to prepare jam-packed lunches, set out uniforms and set out breakfast things; doing your food buying online.


Could you use the time when your child or young child is asleep, rather of capturing up with the laundry? Could you set up for your kid to go to a buddy's for tea after school and offer to return the favour another night?

Once you've identified what you COULD do, dedicate to actually doing it!


Keep in mind, action is exactly what's required here, not simply ideas. It's all well and good finishing the worksheets and saying 'well I COULD DO THIS' and 'I COULD DO THAT'.



And it's vital not to obtain fed up about it - bear in mind, it's not forever, simply for today to allow you to focus on what you want from life. Then you can gradually begin to add things back in (and in fact, some things you'll probably understand you're simply much better off without doing completely!).

Identify your objectives.


For each location of your life (we do some work on all your individual 'roles' throughout the workshop), start to produce a list of all the goals you’d like to accomplish.


So create a 'mum' list, a 'wife' list, a 'business owner' list, a 'daughter' list and so on.

Jot down everything you wish to achieve on those lists - long term and short-term goals all count here.

Do you desire to help your children learn to read? Do you desire to move to a brand-new house in 2 years?

Take an hour to really consider what you want your life to look like in a few years time - from all angles.

Lists, lists, lists.


From the goals you've recognized, break them down into the tasks you 'd like to do each day/week/month to bring you nearer to those goals.

Investing 30 minutes each night checking out with your children, committing 1/2 day each weekend to spending with your parents, spending 1 hour 3 times a week committed to planning your brand-new business - whatever you believe you have to build in to reach the objectives you're setting yourself.


Take Control Of Your Time.

The next step I suggest (and it sounds a bit extreme but it works!) is to take a consultations journal (I use the Franklin Covey planner system and offer this for mums who join my longer term programmes) - one of those that breaks per day down into 15 or 30 minute slots - and schedule your next week.


Attempt it once and see how you get on with it.

Attempt scheduling your WHOLE day for 7 days and dedicate to attempting to stick to it - 1 hour to get the kids prepared in an early morning, 45 minutes for the school run, 1 hour to work on planning your company, 1 hour household chores ... whatever suits you. Simply try it and see if it works for you.


I even used to arrange in time for the kids bedtime routine - making me concentrate just on them for 45 minutes ... nothing else. You’d be surprised how quickly they fallinged asleep later on! It needs to be said, often I really need to make an effort on the parenting front, I'm ashamed to admit!


Naturally, things alter, and you need to re-arrange things throughout the day, but having a strategy to work to can actually make a difference ... if you desire it to and you're eager to actually commit to trying.